I have to admit, all of you have some pretty crazy ideas on what Quincy's Ben & jerry Ice Cream flavor should be called.

I've always said Ben & Jerry are the two men that will always be there for me and never let me down. So. when I posted this on our Facebook page this morning, I never thought how many people would come up with some crazy names. Mine was Mighty Mississippi Mud, maybe chocolate ice cream with brownie and chocolate chip chunks in it, but I have to admit that's nothing compared to what you guys came up with.

Quincy's Ben & Jerry Flavor Names

  • Pothole Delight
  • Blue Devil Fudge
  • The Gem City Mountain Dew Maid Rite Custard
  • Hogback Trail
  • Gem Topped Tart

There were some other ones, but I will keep this PG-13, if you want to see the post just check out our Facebook page. As creative as there are, it seems that there is not a lot of love for Quincy, and that kinda makes me a little sad. but the ones I listed above are pretty creative and I like that.

If you think they Ben & Jerry need to make any of these flavors, let them know. You can contact them here, and when on their website you can watch the process on how they make their flavors and come up with the names for them. You never know you might see a Quincy or Hannibal themed ice cream flavor.

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