The St. Louis Cardinals will open the 2017 Major League Baseball season at home Sunday night against the Chicago Cubs. After Sunday there will be 161 games left to be played and a lot can happen between now and then. But you can’t get to game 162 without playing game #2 next. So many of you may be asking, “Why do they play one game and have to take a day off before playing game #2?”  Well, here is your answer.

Major League Baseball thrives on all the pomp and circumstances of “Opening Day.” The worst thing that could happen to a major league team is to schedule an opening day ceremony prior to the game being played and have it rained or snowed out.

Therefore, they build into the schedule an off day in the event the weather is not conducive to playing on the original opening day. It is basically a fall back day to hold “Opening Day” ceremonies if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.  It is not done for every team, only those teams located in traditionally bad weather cities.

And now you know why!

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