So far we have been relatively warm this first part of winter buy don't expect that to last. When those cold winter winds blow the usage of space heaters will start firing up and with it comes the risk of fires. In a recent edition of the Adams Outlet, there was a list of safety tips for people who use space heaters. Please take a few minutes to review those tips listed below, it could save your life.

1. Buy a space heater that will shutoff automatically if it is tipped over.

2. Place your space heater on a hard level surface and out of high traffic areas.

3. Keep the space heater at least three feet away from bedding, furniture and drapes.

4. Make sure that electric cords are not placed under carpets or rugs.

5. Always plug your space heater into a wall outlet and not into a power bar or extension cord.

6. Always turn off your space heater if you are not occupying the premises

7. Never use your space heater in areas that can become wet like bathrooms or kitchens.

8. If your space heater requires fuel, make sure you use the specifically recommended fuel and not a substitute.

9. If you suspect your space heater is not operating properly do NOT use it.

10. Make sure you have battery operated smoke detectors with fresh batteries.

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