This is disgusting. For the third time this holiday season, vandals have targeted the Festival of Lights in Quincy. The lights display is put on by a non-profit group of volunteers. They spend so many hours to put on this experience for people in the tri-states to enjoy. It’s so danged aggravating and absolutely senseless that anyone would damage this display.

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The most recent incident caused $2,000 in damage. Cones, reflectors, and sandbags were crushed. Some displays were bent and fence posts destroyed by a vehicle. The damage was discovered Sunday morning, Dec. 13.

Typically, inmates on work release help assemble the Festival of Lights display at Moorman Park. That couldn’t happen this year because of the pandemic. If these vandals are caught, I’d like to see them out there next year working the countless hours that volunteers have spent to put on this show.

There is a judge in Ohio who is famous for creative sentencing. For example, here is how he handled a couple vandalism incidents. Two teenagers who scrawled 666 on a nativity figure of Jesus had to lead a donkey through the streets, with a sign saying: "Sorry for the jackass offense, but he is soooo cute!" Teenagers who flattened tires on school buses were ordered to throw a picnic for the primary school children whose outing was cancelled due to the prank. Wouldn’t it be great to see a punishment like that for these vandals? But first, they have to be caught. If you have any information, please contact the Quincy Police Department.

The Festival of Lights organization is looking for donations to offset the cost of the vandalism. You can donate by clicking here. And please, continue to support the Festival of Lights by bringing your family to enjoy this iconic Christmas experience. The 2020 Festival of Lights is open nightly at 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 until New Year’s Day at Moorman-Wavering Park in Quincy. The admission is $15 per car.

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