It's not exactly breaking news that it was super hot over the last week, but the heatwave did shatter a number of Missouri all-time weather records that have now been confirmed by the National Weather Service.

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The National Weather Service out of St. Louis just shared a graphic and some details about exactly how hot the recent week was. Several locations including St. Louis, Columbia and Quincy, Illinois completely demolished previous daily heat index records.

Infographic, National Weather Service
Infographic, National Weather Service

The most consecutive days with a heat index of 110 was a long-standing record...until the week of August 20 through August 25, 2023. Six straight days of blistering heat that obliterated 5 daily total records in Missouri plus the 1 in Quincy.

It was more than just temperature and heat index records that were smashed. The National Weather Service also said that there was a dewpoint of over 70 for 153 consecutive hours.

It wasn't just Missouri that had heat records broken. NOAA's Climate Prediction Center shared this graphic on Facebook showing how many records were broken throughout the Midwest.

It was a truly unprecedented week of nearly unbearable heat. Let's hope this is the last hurrah for summer trying to burn us up.

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