Here you are getting ready to head the river and you have everything you need, except ice. You REALLY don't want to go to the store, and stand in line. You just need an easy way to get ice and be on your way, well your wishes have been answered.

Now opened (1405 Broadway) in Quincy, is Twice The Ice. An ice machine that dispenses ice in a fast and very easy way. Twice the Ice is a fresh ice and water machine, that gives users fresh, high quality ice & water any time.

It's simple to use, drive up, pay (using cash or credit/debit), select either ice or water, the vending machine will prepare your item, pick it up and drive off. It takes minutes to use, and the best past no lines to wait in.

There are different size gallons of water and bags of ice to choose from. The ice & water vending machine is currently open and is open 24/7.

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