The mess that is McMasters Ave. in Hannibal is about to get a whole lot messier.

According to KHMO, the intersection of Stardust Drive and Pirate Pride Drive will be closed starting Tuesday night as part of the ongoing Route 61/McMasters Avenue project.

With the left hand turns closed, drivers have become accustomed to turning on Starlight to be able to head south on McMasters. It's the only way to get to the stores and restaurants on that side of the road. It will be cuckoo when the backlog now hits at the intersection at Tom Boland Ford. On a good day you can sprout some gray hairs waiting for the lights to change. Now you'll be able to sprout gray hairs and take the time to color them as well.

A reckless, inattentive nimrod ran me into the safety cones this week. This construction is going to be going on through October. No doubt it will be a highly improved thing of beauty when it's done. Until then, a mix of caution and patience is called for--even better, alternative routes to avoid the snarl in the first place.

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