America's hometown will be featured tonight nationally on the Travel Channel. Hannibal will be featured in a spooky show on the Travel Channel.  That show is called "Hometown Horror" and it will air a 10 p.m. tonight on the Travel Channel.

"Hometown Horror" is a new series that attempts to get to the bottom of small-town mysteries from towns all across America. Tonight's episode focuses on Hannibal, Missouri.
Tonight's episode tours of Hannibal caves and the stories from locals about missing children of Hannibal . Many Hannibal natives believe the missing children are considered long lost underground for a reason. The program will feature conversations with local Hannibal people and will offer a variety of possible reasons for those children being missing all these years.

The re-broadcast of the program will take place at 2 p.m. tomorrow (Dec. 10) and will air again on January 11 at 12 noon.


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