Hannibal High School Art Department students participated in the 'Young Masters' exhibit held at the Hannibal Arts Council'Young Masters' featured selected works by Hannibal High School students as well as 5th grade and 8th grade students from Hannibal’s public and parochial schools. 

HHS student Abbey Jeffries won Best of Show in the Hannibal High School art exhibit and competition held at the Hannibal Arts Council with her painting of a girl.
Best of Show 2013

For the exhibit, Hannibal High School art instructors Susan Friesen, James Zimmerman and Christina Strode selected pieces which represent the best of the students’ work and asked an outside judge to select Best of Show and Best in Category awards. 


Abbey Jeffries’ painting of a girl won Best of Show, with the Best 2-D award going to Alyssa Riefesel for her scratchboard of a lion and Best 3-D award going to Abbey Jeffries for her Hershey’s Kisses teapot. 

Alyssa Riefesel (Best 2-D) for her scratchboard lion
Best 2-D Riefesel

Additional Best in Category and Honorable Mentions awards include:  Best Pastel – pastel landscape by Abbey Jeffries (HM pastel landscape by Kaitlyn Edge); Best Painting – patterned dog painting by Emily Seppelt (HM lion by Abbey Jeffries, apple by Cassadie Krigbaum); Best Pen & Ink – owl drawing by Alyssa Riefesel (HM eagle drawing by Chase Turner, eagle drawing by Jackson Wagner); Best Sculpture – Ghandi sculpture by Paige Cummins (HM boot sculpture by Holly Mueller); Best Mixed Media/Printmaking – explosion print by Andrew Hinton (HM First Date print by Spencer Goewey); Best Color (Non-Painting) – flower batik by Paige Cummins (HM paper collage of face by Spencer Goewey); Best Graphite/Charcoal – drawing of lady by Elaina Meyer (HM dog drawing by Erin Coulter, drawing of lady by Kaitlyn Edge, still life by Danielle Foster); and Best Scratchboard – old guy by Abbey Jeffries (HM giraffe scratchboard by Daniel DeLaporte, cougar scratchboard by Tyler Bush).

Abbey Jeffries (Best 3-D) for her Hershey’s Kisses teapot.
Best 3-D Jeffries

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