I loved as a kid walking down Times Square looking at all of the designers store windows and thinking how magical it all was. Now as a mom, I get to share that with my girls as windows will come to life this weekend in Hannibal.

Living Windows in Historic Downtown Hannibal will come alive for the holidays once again. Watch as each window will reveal a different Christmas scene, with live mannequins to bring everything to life. Living Windows will start at 5 pm this Saturday in downtown Hannibal, with Christmas displays and lights taking over business windows.

Santa will be waiting at his Santa house for everyone to visit, and to let Santa know that they have been extra good this year. The St. John's Lutheran Church will carol throughout the streets from 5 pm to 6 pm.

This is one of my favorite traditions to do with my girls and I can't wait to see, Hannibal come to life and make this time of year even more magical. Start making new traditions and memories, trust me they will last a lifetime.

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