Guy Fieri and the CEP of Planet Hollywood are teaming up to bring the Flavortown Kitchen close to the Tri-States.

Together the duo are teaming up to bring the Flavortown Kitchen which will be a delivery-only based restaurant to St. Louis. According to, customers can order online from a menu including Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ Wings, Mac N Cheese Burger, Cheesesteak Egg Rolls, Italian Stallion Salad and Mac Daddy Mac N Cheese.

When I took a trip to Branson and eat at Guy's restaurant the food was amazing, fresh, and large portions. So to know that there is a restaurant of his close to the Tri-States and I don't have to drive 5-hourtse to get there I am in. Even if its a delivery-only service right now, if you stay in St. Louis overnight I am sure you can have it delivered to your hotel room.

My husband hand the Mac N Cheese Burger and for someone how hates Mac N Cheese, it was sooooo good. This type of restaurant (delivery-only) is opening in a few cities, and St. Louis just happens to be one of those cities. Planet Hollywood used to be located at Union Station, but closed back in 2006. It then became a Hard Rock Café which closed in 2018.

You can order through the restaurants app (Guy Fieri Flavortown Kitchen), website, or through Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates and UberEats.

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