Some 25 years ago a little thing called "Gus Macker" came to the streets of Quincy.

It was the first time that Quincy had heard of Gus Macker Basketball. But the boys and girls came to play and boy did they come. Moms, dads,kids, grandma and grandpa's had their first look at what was to become a very big thing for the city of Quincy and the area. Every boy and girl had to have a Gus Macker T-Shirt or some kind of souvenir from their stay in Quincy. And of course, that helps the city pocketbooks as well.

What I remember the most about the past 25 years were the names of the teams. They all had to have names that would stand out above the rest. That was part of the fun with Macker,and still is. Names like Mooseknuckles, Venom, We dem boys, The Flaming Marshmellows, The Money Tree, Back Board Breakers,Bugga, Hoops we did it again. It is Macker time again. Twenty-Five years of basketball fun.

Thanks to the Quincy Exchange club for all the fun during the past twenty-five years.

Gus Macker

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