Missouri has Toasted Ravioli, Illinois has Deep Dish Pizza, Iowa is known for their Pork Tenderloins all sound delicious right? Makes you want to have some right now, and while those sounds yummy, there are dishes that these states are known for that are just...well, GROSS...maybe.

Thrillist has come up with the 50 grossest food for each state that people LOVE. Heck, you might want to try some for your Super Bowl Party this weekend.

MISSOURI-St. Louis Style Pizza

I was really surprised to see this on the Missouri list, but Thrillst named St. Louis Style Pizza as the states grossest food (I love St. Louis Pizza). It's the Provel Cheese, Thrillest said there is something about the cheese, which looks like Twizzlers, and because of the cheese it gives the pizza an oddly slimy taste (their words not mine) I think it does take time to get used to the Provel Cheese taste, but when you do (like me) you will start to love St. Louis Style Pizza. Its a Midwest thing I guess!

Italian pizza
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ILLINOIS-Gravy Bread

I have lived in Illinois for almost 16 years and I have NEVER heard of Gravy Bread. Gravy Bread is similar to a Italian Beef sandwich with Au Jus to dip it in, but the catch, there is no meat. Its just basically bread and beef juice. Maybe its the Italian in me, but I LOVE THAT IDEA. People are know to have this delivered. which by the time they get it the bread it all soggy and cold (I don't recommend that). Hey, you have to try it at least once, remember don't judge a book by its cover, well don't judge food by other people's opinion. I'll try it, anyone know where I can find some?

Hot French Dip Sandwich
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WHAT?!?!?!?!? I was so taken back when I saw this, my kids love maid-rites (or know in my house as Sloppy Joes). It's the easiest thing to make when families are on the go all the time. and not to mention a delicacy here in Quincy. Thrillist reason behind naming loose meat gross, there is no taste, its ground beef and carbs, and it just doesn't look interesting at all to eat. Obviously, they have never been to Maid-Rite in Quincy.

Do you agree with Thrilllest? What has been the grossest thing you have eaten in these states?


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