There are a lot of towns who are trying new things to convince potential residents to move there. For example, Grafton has a program where they are more or less paying you to move there. In this case, the details are extra important here.

I saw this Grafton, Illinois effort making the rounds on a couple of sites today. Patch shared a story which was based on a Fox 2 Now report. Here's the Cliff Notes version of this:

  • Grafton, Illinois owns 26 lots which they're selling for $5,000 each.
  • If you buy a lot, you have 3 years to build a home on it.
  • If you can't get that done, Grafton will buy the land back for $4,000

I'm not a math genius, but that doesn't sound like the city paying you to move there. I'm not saying it's a bad deal. Getting land for cheap and having 3 years to build a home could be epic. But, when I hear that a city is paying me to move there, just pay me.

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The Fox 2 Now report says this reimbursement program in Grafton originated with funds from FEMA's 1993 Great Flood Buyout program.

If you're thinking "sure, I'll move to Grafton, Illinois", the Fox 2 Now article says you need to contact Stan Gula with Dream Homes Realty at 618-806-2747. He is apparently the wing man for this new land offer.

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