I never thought about men's vs. women's basketball until last week when a video was taken comparing the men's workout facility compared to the women's. That got me thinking about the difference in high school sports and I have a question, why don't the Girls Blue Devil Basketball team play in Blue Devil Gym?

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I never went to any Quincy Public School, I went to a smaller school were the gym was shared for both girls and boys teams, but why is the Girls Blue Devil Team not playing in Blue Devil Gym? Is it because games fall at the same time? Is it because the gym is being used for something else while the girls are playing? I'm just curious as to why the boys team gets the whole set up with pep band, a really cool intro (with video) to the players, oh and the Blue Devil himself, and the girls get a MUCH smaller gym and that's it.

I have a daughter who loves basketball, and has been playing it for about 4 years now and is getting fairly good at it, I hope she sticks with it, and while we were watching the big tournament on TV (both men's and women's) she leaned in and said "mommy that's gonna me be someday playing on TV." I hope she stays with it, but that really got me thinking about how much harder girls have to work just to get an ounce more of respect in any sport, but especially the tournament that's going on now.

I did reach out to several QHS alumni, and they couldn't give me an answer on why this is. I received a lot of "I'm not sure," "I don't know," and my favorite, "It's always been that way." Well, I think it might be a time for change, and give these girls who work just as hard, a chance to play in the same gym as the boys. They wear the same blue and white jersey's, with the Blue Devil name on it, I think they deserve the right to play in Blue Devil Gym.

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