The Quincy Public Schools Board of Education, Superintendent Roy Webb and several Quincy Public School Coaches (who have volunteered their time) have put together a very special day today for some outstanding students. An amazing group of kids from Teen Reach have earned the opportunity to play a special kickball game on the turf of Flinn Stadium this afternoon. Quincy Teen Reach is an after-school group that helps youth primarily between the ages of 9 and 17.  These students were given the incentive to finish out the school year by making honor roll…and that’s exactly what they did!

The Board, Superintendent Webb and the coaches made the proposal during the past school year and will be making good on that proposal at 3:30 this (Thursday, July 26) afternoon when the kickball game will take place.

Not only will the students play the game, but they will also be enjoying a Pizza Hut dinner and will have some other surprises lined up as well.

Everyone is welcomed to come out and not only watch the game, but to congratulate these young people on their accomplishments as well.


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