The Adams County Health Department (ACHD) has announcing four new cases of COVID-19. The four affected people include a female in her 40's, two males in their 50's and a female in her 70's who is currently hospitalized.

According to the ACHD, none of the newly announced cases have any epidemiological linkages to one another nor to any previously announced cases.

The following was included in a news release from the ACHD:  These new cases demonstrate the continued spread of COVID 19, both in Adams County and in other areas. COVID 19 is spread through contact with other individuals. Please keep in mind that the best way to avoid COVID 19 exposure is to avoid unnecessary activities in public places.

Shopping should be planned in a manner that reduces risk, including only having one family member shop when possible, limiting time in the store to a minimum, using online order options when available, and socially distancing when in these settings.

 At work, frequent surface disinfection, physical barriers between work spaces, and avoiding congregating are all important.

 When ill with any respiratory condition, do not leave your home (going into your individual yard is OK) and avoid sharing common items with other family members, sanitize surfaces frequently, and maintain social distancing.

While we recognize that COVID 19 is easily transmitted, employing these strategies are the best measures of reducing individual, family and community risk.

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