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So i have a big confession to make.... I have never BEEN to Kansas City... I mean I have technically been, meaning I drove through the city twice on a trip out west and back and even stopped for gas just outside of the city, but I have never actually spent time in Kansas City. Since it is summer now I have been trying to plan out what I want to do, and where I want to go, and when I told a friend here in town that I had never been to Kansas City but was thinking about doing another weekend trip to St. Louis he said "Forget St. Louis and drive 92 more miles to a better destination, Kansas City" and I definitely want to take that advice!

Kansas City is a town that I know I want to spend time in, everyone says the Power and Light district is fantastic, plus catching a baseball game at the Royals awesome stadium is high on my list. But I think the thing that makes Kansas City so special, and its why my friend says its a better place than St. Louis, is the BBQ scene. According to Trip Advisor there are at least 30 plus BBQ joints that have 4 star ratings, and all have incredible menus!

Plus all of the museums and Boulevard Brewing company, I definitely need to take the time to spend a weekend in Kansas City. But I ask you all, is Kansas City worth the extra 92 mile drive compared to St. Louis?

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