Barring any unforeseen heavy rains, forecasters say the Mississippi River should begin to fall in the next few days.

Early Saturday morning, the river at Hannibal stood at 22.71 feet. The river was expected to rise to near 22.9 by Saturday evening and then begin to fall.

Quincy's early Saturday stage was 22.25, which is at or near its predicted crest. The river at Quincy is expected to fall below flood stage by Wednesday afternoon.

At Canton, the stage stood at 17.32 early Saturday and was expected to rise to near 17.6 by early Saturday afternoon. Forecasters are also calling for Canton's reading to fall below flood stage by mid-week.

Officially, flood warnings are in effect through Thursday for Canton and Quincy, until Sunday, July 5 in Louisiana and Clarksville, and until further notice in Hannibal.


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