Let's all take a deep breath. I say that because I tend to avoid alarmists. That being said, I think it's prudent to pass along a forecast that claims bread and another half dozen items could be hard to find this summer in Missouri grocery stores.

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I want to be clear that this is not my prediction and so far it has not been my experience either. Eat This Not That just shared 7 items they have reason to believe might be in short supply by this summer. I'll highlight some big ones that most people consider important.

They provide some data to back up the reason why they think it might be hard to find these food items.

Wheat and bread

They say that the ongoing war in the Ukraine could be to blame along with winter weather that affected harvests in the Midwest. So far, I have yet to see any real bread shortage while shopping for my family. Doesn't mean it can't happen, but I'll believe it when I see it.


The increase of sugar prices are one reason given and exports from overseas lessening which COULD make sugar hard to find by summer. The key word is "could" not "will".

Strawberries and Oranges

"Historically low volume" is the claim regarding strawberries and why they're expected to be in high demand but short supply come summer. Disease has apparently taken out a lot of Florida's oranges this year, too. Great news all around for fruit lovers.

The other item which is a curious prediction for summer shortages is mayonnaise. Egg availability and prices are given as a reason, but I've seen egg availability increase while some prices have dropped so I'm not sure if I'd be too concerned about mayonnaise.

The complete list of items that are predicted to be in short supply in Missouri this summer are an interesting read from Eat This Not That.

Now let's all exhale. My advice would be to not search food shortages on YouTube unless you'd like to see lots of results from preppers. While adding a few extra things to shelves in the case of emergency is always a good idea, acting in a panic is not. I mean no disrespect to those that prep as I know many are well-intentioned people.

If I were you, I'd just keep a wary eye on foods that are important to you as you shop. If you see a trend where something you value is becoming harder to find regularly, then it might be time to work on your pantry.

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