Everyone has a food opinion they feel strongly about. However, I tend to pay special attention when an entire network dedicated to food declares they know which BBQ joint in Missouri is the most awesome of them all and that's what just happened.

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Food Network just landed their "Best Barbeque Joint in Every State" awards. For Missouri, you need to head to Kansas City because that's where Q39 calls home. Here's a snippet of why they think Q39 is the definitive Missouri BBQ destination:

Kansas City has so many great barbecue spots that narrowing down the list of places to visit is like herding cats. So what sets this place apart? Chef and pitmaster Rob Magee graduated from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America before starting a three-decade career in high-end dining.

I'm not surprised they picked a Kansas City joint. They live and breathe BBQ in the big city. Oh, and Food Network isn't wrong either. Check out this BBQ brisket.

I have spent more time than I probably should have staring at Q39's menus and the "Best Wings on the Planet" doesn't sound like bragging, but a provable fact. Chipotle BBQ sauce? Yes and please. I've seen their sandwiches, too and boy could I get lost in those.

According to the Q39 website, they have multiple locations now. One is in the southern part of Kansas City and the other is mid-town. If I had tickets to a Chiefs playoff game, I know where dinner would be grabbed at. Score.

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