Fire Truck - Quincy, Illinois
Kurt Parsons


The Quincy Fire Department is in need of new members for their fire-ground rehabilitation team.The purpose of the team is to provide fire-ground rehabilitation and support for firefighters while they are actively involved in fighting a fire.  The intent of this team is not to replace the Salvation Army or the Red Cross.

Members of the team will be subject to "call-in" support of Q.F.D. operations at a working incident site.  Team members will bring the rehabilitation unit to the scene of the incident and will be responsible for setting up the unit area, assisting firefighters with basic physical monitoring an helping firefighters to cool down or warm up as the case may be.

Any training needed will be provided.  An informational meeting will be held at the Quincy Regional Training Facility at 1900 Seminary Road on June 19th at 7 p.m. The meeting should last approximately one hour.  In interested, contact Zenda Jones at       228-4459 to RSVP.

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