It is so much more then just a candle, it is a lifestyle.

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There comes a time in every mans life where they need to grow up, they need to start acting their age, and living like an adult. Don't get me wrong it was fun being in my 20's buying all my furniture at Salvation Army, not owning a vacuum cleaner, and never buy candles. But that time is past and now I'm a boring adult who has nice furniture, a vacuum cleaner, and now I'll even buy candles thanks to my favorite beer company Miller Lite!

Miller Lite a Molson Coors product has announced they are selling candles! The candles come in three distinct scents Dive Bar, Beer Garden, and Game Day. In the article on their website they say the candles are available for $20 a piece but 100% of the proceeds go to support the United States Bartenders' Guild which has supported out of work bartenders and servers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about this project, the candles and to purchase one click here!

First off these candles seem legit, if you read the descriptions in the article the names are misleading to how good I bet these candles actually smell. Second I need them all....You all know I am a massive Miller Lite fan, and this is just the type of thing I can add to my apartment to help me feel like a real adult who buy candles and they look very nice. My mom will be proud of me and I will be proud to support not only Miller Lite but also the bartenders and service workers who still need our help!

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