I have been told by my co-host Sarah Deien that I have a very inquiring mind. I have to admit I probably do. I just want to know how things happened and why they happened.

For instance, I went to lunch yesterday and I ordered a ice cold Pepsi to drink. With the weather getting warmer with each day, a cold Pepsi sounded like the right drink to have.  While looking at my Pepsi, my inquiring mind wanted to know how Pepsi got its name? So once lunch ended I began my search for the answer and here is what i found.

When Pepsi was founded, the company made a medicinal product which evolved into a soft drink. It's name came from a digestive enzyme called Pepsin, and now you know! So with a simple dropping of the letter N and Pepsi was born.

I just saw a GEICO ad on TV. My inquiring mind wanted to know how GEICO got its name. I found out that GEICO is an acronym for Government Employees Insurance Company Organization? And now you know! My brain needs a rest!

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