This Sunday we messed with the clocks again as we “Sprang Forward” one hour into Standard Time. So at 2 a.m. Sunday we moved the clocks to 3 and lost an hour. Most of us were sleeping so we actually lost an hour sleep which is the hour we gained last November. It would be nice if we just left the clocks alone.  With that said, here are my top 10 reasons to leave the clocks alone.

10. Because I won’t have to mess with changing all the clocks

9. Because I won’t have to remember which way we move the small hand on the clocks

8. Because I can never remember how to change the clock in my car

7. Because I won’t have to worry about being an hour late for church

6. Because I won’t have to reset my wristwatch that I haven’t worn in months

5. Because I won’t have to lose sleep worried that the Easter Bunny didn’t change his clocks

4. Because I hope the Amtrak crew remembers or I will wait an hour for my train to Chicago

3. Because the Pepsi guys have to climb the big clock to change it again.

2. Because we won’t have to watch another hour’s worth of Flo’s TV commercials

1. Because it’s Sunday and I just don’t care what time it is.

Happy Daylight Saving’s time!!!!!!

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