It is funny when we mention names of products or companies we never really ask the question "How did they come up with that name?" It got me to thinking about some very popular products and company names out there and how they were actually named.

For instance, PEPSI. When Pepsi was founded the company made a medicinal product which evolved into a soft drink. It's name came from a digestive enzyme called Pepsin, and now you know!

How any times have we all seen those GEICO ads on TV? We that name is an acronym for Government Employees Insurance Company Organization. And now you know!

The toy company HASBRO's name comes from two brothers Helal and Henry Hassenfeld.  They took the first three letters of their last name and being brothers took the first three letters of the work brothers to for the HASBRO name. And now you know!

Lastly, PHILLIP'S 66 was named after the founder (Phillip) and the highway the fuel was tested on. And now you know!

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