The Dwyer & Michaels Classic Car Calendar Extra Photos From July!

Danielle cools herself off with a slight breeze that picked up at Linwood Mining, where Mark Steward photographed this 1968 Ford Fastback Mustang owned by Jace Carter. Even though it was the last shoot of the day, and the temperature was going down, it was still hot for some reason!

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Are You QC AF? Take The Test.

If you are from the Quad Cities, there are certain things you do and say that folks from outside the area might not understand. Weather you’ve lived here your entire life, or just a couple years, it’s time to put your QC to the test to find out if you are “QC AF”.
Below are 25 questions to test your knowledge and life experience of the Quad Cities. Keep track and see where you rank. Then share it, if you aren’t ashamed, to show how QC you are.

25-20 points – You are QC AF!
19-15 points – Reppin’ the QC strong.
15-10 points – Average. You put the “C” in the QC.
10-5 points – Do you even QC bro.
5-0 points – Move back to Chicago.