The run-up to election day can really bring out the ugly in some people. The closer we get to Tuesday, November 4, the more you'll notice campaign signs being vandalized or disappearing altogether.
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The sign you see in this picture is located on Highway 24 outside Monroe City. The Saturday night that this sign was vandalized, similar signs along that whole stretch of highway from Monroe County to Marion County were damaged or stolen. This one happens to be a Biden sign, but the problem is by no means restricted to any single political party. Trump signs may be up one day and stolen or defaced the next. It's a problem every election season, but this year with tempers running so high, it seems more of an issue than ever before.
You may have heard that it is against federal law to mess with campaign signs. I've been searching high and low for a specific federal statute relating to the destruction or theft of a campaign sign and I can't find anything. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Regardless, it is against state law, though penalties vary by state. Basically speaking, vandalism and theft in any form is against the law. So is trespassing. If you're caught you're going to face a fine and perhaps jail time.
Some homeowners are putting up cameras to catch the culprits. I know others who've electrified their signs. It's truly despicable that it should have to come to this. It is no credit to your preferred politician to stoop to such measures. Final word--November 3rd cannot come soon enough!

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