If you were on I-44 in Missouri Monday, this was a sight you could not miss. Drone videos show the massive truck convoy as it passed through Missouri on its way to Washington, D.C.

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What has been referred to as the "People's Convoy" made several stops in Missouri Monday. As Fox 2 Now reported, there were huge crowds in Joplin, Springfield and Rolla just to name a few. A drone video gives you an idea of the scope of this movement.

The Kansas City Star shared video of the convoy as it began its trek through the western part of Missouri.

As this report from KMOV in St. Louis shows, it was more than just trucks in the convoy.

Fox 2 Now's report said that these trucks are planning to be in Washington, D.C. by March 5. Reports indicate that unarmed National Guard troops are being called to the nation's capitol to help with traffic control as this massive convoy makes its statement to the country's leaders.

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