I challenge you to find a community anywhere in the United States that will have 5 brand new schools within two years. You can search long and hard, but I bet you can’t find one. That’s exactly what will take place in Quincy by next year. Three of the five are completed and ready to open for the upcoming school year. One of those is the Dr. Abby Fox Rooney Elementary School. On Saturday, August 11 at 10:30 a.m., Quincy Public Schools (Q.P.S.) will host a building dedication ceremony to commemorate the opening of the Rooney Elementary School located at 4900 Columbus Road. It is the third of the five new K-5 elementary schools to open following the 2014 School Building Referendum.

The ceremony will include words from Q.P.S. officials and administrators, Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore, and members of Dr. Rooney’s family who will travel to Quincy for the event. Immediately following the dedication ceremony, attendees will be invited to participate in the open house by roaming the halls, visiting classrooms, asking questions, and enjoy their new community school.

All members of the community are invited.


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