You know it's the summer season in Hannibal when Down By The River makes its reappearance.  The inaugural D.B.T.R. starts at 5 p.m. Friday, May 17 downtown at the Y Men's Pavilion.  Area favorite Madd Hoss Jackson takes the stage. 

D.B.T.R. has become a staple in the summer entertainment season.  It's put on by the Y Men's Club, with proceeds supporting Hannibal's YMCA and its programs.

My husband is a Y Men's Club member so I know from experience how these things typically go on the third Thursday of the summer months.  When the gates open and for the first couple hours, it's a laid-back affair with a somewhat older crowd catching up with friends they haven't seen for awhile.  You'll see people from Monroe City, Palmyra, Quincy and surrounding towns.  D.B.T.R. doesn't seem to draw much of a tourist crowd, so you'll see tons of familiar faces.

As the evening goes on, the volume ramps up.  The younger crowd starts rolling in, joining in with the early birds.  I've noticed that this is a time when parents seem to make their debut with their newly adult children.  It's that bridge in life when your children transition from your responsibility to your friend.  It's pretty cool to see.

By the time the gates close around 10 p.m., the middle-agers have packed it up and the youngsters keep the party going at the nearby bars.

D.T.B.R. offers great entertainment, it's reasonably priced, it draws a nice mix of people who are generally well behaved, it's a pleasant riverfront venue and it's a really good time.  Hope to see you there!

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