One of my favorite summer pastimes has gone away thanks to the economy. I would drive hundreds of miles every summer or fall to get a chance to see the Air Force Thunderbirds or the Navy Blue Angels in an air show. Unfortunately, the Government has decided not to fund  those visits anymore and with it the chance to see America's most accomplished fighter pilots perform precision flying at tremendous speeds.

I can't help but think of how it has hurt the Air Force and the Navy with their recruiting of young men and women into the military. As a kid, I grew up right off the flight line of the runways of Griffiss Air Force Base, which is no longer in existence. The Base was closed years ago, but in its day everything from B-52,s to KC135's to fighter planes flew right over my house. So at an early age I developed a keen interest in watching these planes. I thought it was exciting to watch them then and the hair on my arms still stands up when I watch them now. Unfortunately, my "now" has come to an end due to cost.

Not only have the visits for air shows been dissolved but so have many of the flyovers before athletic events as well. The cost of these flyovers and shows has forced the Government to be extremely selective as to when and if they do them. If you get to see one in the future consider yourself lucky.

I guess I will have to find a new summer pastime. I liked my old summers better.

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