Well this is interesting.

While scouring the interwebs for information on Quincy’s Dogwood Festival, I may have stumbled upon some never-before-seen images from the Gem City’s inaugural spring celebration in 1970.

You still with me?

Now let me start by saying that I don’t know the first thing about this video and cannot with 100 percent certainty verify its authenticity. It was uploaded back in June of 2012 by an avatar-less Youtube user known as “frozenfooddude” and in that time has amassed a measly 18 views. If the description is accurate, the first few slides in frozenfooddude’s memory lane excursion are from May 1-3, 1970--Quincy’s first-ever Dogwood Festival!

At 0:52, the narrator (who I can only assume is frozenfooddude himself) seems fairly confident that these slides are, in fact, from the Dogwood Festival. The star-spangled slides to follow, however, cause a bit of uncertainty as to whether this was the Dogwood Festival or the Fourth of July. Alas, we never get our answer in the video itself. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING FROM US, FROZENFOODDUDE!??

Here’s what we do know. That’s definitely Quincy. That is definitely a parade. Those are definitely dogwoods. Deduce from that what you will and enjoy the video!

If ANYONE knows anything about this video—or frozenfooddude’s true identity-- let us know!

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