A website has ranked the 50 "Safest" cities in the Land of Lincoln, so does your city make the list?

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A website called safewise.com has come out with a list of the 50 Safest Cities in Illinois for 2021, and not shocking Chicago doesn't make the top 50. To see the whole list for yourself click here! The top ten safest cities in Illinois are Campton Hills, Hawthorn Woods, Inverness, Lindenhurst, Elburn, Orland Hills, Chester, Lake in the Hills, Gilberts, and Huntley. Now I grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago in Illinois so I am familiar with a bunch of these towns, especially Huntley and Lake in the Hills which are two towns that boarder the town of Crystal Lake where I grew up.

The website goes on to rank out more than just 50 cities, and so then we have to ask ourselves where does the Gem City of Quincy land on this list? Well it didn't make the top 50, in fact it ranks in at 240th on the list which is only TWO spots higher than Chicago, so despite all those "Quincy is not Chicago" yard signs we see on the streets here, technically as far as safety goes they are basically the same.

If you want to look at the whole list for yourself just click here!

I have lived in Quincy now for 2 and a half years after moving here from Chicago and I will say that being in Quincy I feel way more safe than I did in Chicago, BUT I will say that Quincy doesn't feel like Lake in the Hills or Huntley that make the top ten of safe cities. But that has more to do with Huntley and Lake in the Hills being mainly nothing but suburban housing compared to a river industrial town like Quincy.

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