It was 39 years ago on July 12 when the Chicago White Sox were set to play a doubleheader against the Detroit Tigers. What took place that night was never anticipated by the White Sox for sure.  

Between games of the doubleheader popular Chicago disc jockey Steve Dahl, who had a dislike of disco music, was to conduct an anti-disco event in Chicago. It was called Disco Demolition Night and what took place was total chaos.

The plan was to have a crate filled with disco records placed on the field between games and then blown up in front of an expected 20-thousand fans. The anticipated 20-thousand fans turned out to be 50-thousand fans instead with fans allowed into the game for just 98 cents if they brought a disco record with them to be destroyed. 

After the explosion an estimated 7-thousand people streamed onto the field setting fires and damaging the field and forcing the postponement of the second game with the Detroit Tigers. That postponement became a forfeit for the White Sox and a win for the Tigers some 39 years ago today!

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