Major League baseball is underway with its post season play so I thought this would be a good time for me to take a look at how my pre-season picks went for this baseball year and pick the World Series winner.

Back on April 1st, I made these predictions. In the National League East, I picked the Atlanta Braves. In the National League Central, I went with the Cincinnati Reds. I also selected the winner of the National League West to be the Los Angeles Dodgers with the wildcards going to the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals. I chose the National League title to go to the Washington Nationals.

Well, the Cardinals, Braves, Reds and Dodgers all made the post season so I would have to say I did pretty well in the National League.

Now the American League is a different story. In the American League, I picked the Baltimore Orioles to win the East with the Detroit Tigers winning the Central and the Oakland A’s winning the West. I selected the wildcard teams to be the Kansas City Royals (almost) and Los Angeles Angels. I went with the American League winner as the Oakland A’s.

OK, Detroit and Oakland are in it but the other three are out of it.

One thing for sure, my pick of the World Series winner to be the Washington Nationals is not going to happen. I did pick 7 of the 10 post season teams so I would consider that a pretty good year for my baseball prognostications.

Of the teams that are left, I am going to pick the St. Louis Cardinals to meet the Oakland A’s with the Redbirds winning their 12th World Championship in 6 games.

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