If you missed the first Blues in the District of 2017--and judging by the size of the Washington Park crowd, you didn't--but IF you did, you missed not one, but TWO amazing performances. Hurricane Ruth absolutely SLAYED the stage with some crazy good blues tunes--an awesome kickoff to the 20th anniversary season.

But another killer show took place way back in the back of the crowd on the Hampshire Street side of the Square--the unofficial gathering spot for latecomers and bathroom line waiters. Everyone, meet Erika (aka "Soulflow") who jammed to the music with a badass hula hoop performance. Seriously, I didn't know half of these tricks were possible.

Seriously, Erika? You learned all that in ONE YEAR?? That is awesome!

It can't be overstated: We as Quincyans are truly fortunate to live in a community dedicated to keeping art alive. Never take it for granted. Insanely talented artists are everywhere in this little Illinois town...you just have to know where to look!

And here's a free plug: Go check out her Soulflow Youtube channel for the latest videos!

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