It seems like yesterday when the calendar turned from winter to Spring in late March.  I sat in my office thinking “when is the first week of Blues in the District?” I found out it was June 14 when the first scheduled act of the summer was to take to the gazebo stage. I even counted the days until I would be sitting next to “my” rock in Washington Park for that first night. Well, 86 days went by and there I was listening to Harper & Midwest Kind enjoying a wonderful evening outdoors with a few thousand others.  It was the first of 6 scheduled acts to perform this summer.

Somehow I blinked along the way and here it is the last night of year number 21 of Blues in The District. This year’s lineup has included Harper & Midwest Kind, Amanda Fish, Ivas John, Mary Jo Curry and Brother’s Jefferson Band.  My favorite so far has been the Brother's Jefferson Band.

The season will wrap up tonight with St. Louis born blues artist Marquise Knox. Bring your lawn chairs to Washington Park and plan on hearing some great blues music from 5:30 to 9:30. After tonight I must wait 293 days until the 22nd year of Blues in The District begins on June 12, 2020, the date I will reacquaint myself to "my" rock.

Concert goers tonight can bring their own food and drink although food and drink will also be available for purchase.  This concert and all of the Blues in The District concerts are free of charge.  For details about the Blues in The District concerts, go to:

The Blues in The District concert series is presented by Blessing Health System. Thanks to all of the donating sponsors who make a great night of blues music available to us 6 different Friday nights during the summer free of charge.

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