Womb with a View offers 3D and 4D ultrasounds for expecting mothers. Shannyn May opened her practice after she moved to Hannibal and found that the closest place she could find the service was in St. Louis.

A 3D ultrasound is a still image. A 4D is one on video. The results are simply amazing. You can see right into the womb, to the point that you can even see what the baby will look like at delivery.

Shannyn shared with me some of her most amazing experiences.

"There are lots of stories, I can’t pick a favorite! Grandparents who are ill and able to see their first grandchild when they aren’t sure they will make it to the due date. Dads with tears streaming down their cheeks because they can’t believe how beautiful their baby girl is with their wife’s lips and his nose. A mom marveling at how much her son will look like his father who passed away during the pregnancy. A grandmother and mom FaceTiming a deployed dad so he can see his child..."

Shannyn has had as many as 15 people in the room during an ultrasound. It's a totally elective procedure that insurance won't cover. Prices start at $95 to determine gender. You can spend up to $275 to watch your unborn baby grow in a series of sessions. You can learn more at wombwithaviewatriverside.com or on their Facebook page.

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