You can still find arcade machines every now and then, but it's unlikely you'll find more together than what you'll find at a place in Branson, Missouri. It's seriously one of the great arcades left in the world.

The arcade is called "1984" and that's appropriate since it will likely make you feel like you've hopped in a DeLorean and traveled back in time when collections of machines like this were everywhere.

60 arcade machines on the left half of the location and the other side full of pinball. Pinch me cause I must be dreaming.

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They even have TV's playing 1980's movies on VHS (of course) to keep the right retro vibe.

Boggy Time! via YouTube

If you're truly old-school gamer, you know which pinball machines these are. The one in the middle is a fairly rare T2-Terminator table. Sweet.

Boggy Time! via YouTube

According to the official 1984 website, just $10 gets you all the gaming you want until they close around 9p. The pinballs and mechanical machines take quarters...just like they should.

Back in the early 1980's, I was a regular at Wizard World in Hannibal and became quite attached to the Gorf machine. If you have never played Gorf, for shame. You missed out.

I'm glad that 1984 is keeping the retro gaming spirit alive. Next time you road trip to Branson, Missouri, look them up. It'll be a blast. Pun intended.

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