Super Bowl 52 is this weekend and all I can think about is what Justin Timberlake has up his sleeve for his wildly anticipated halftime show. I just KNOW there's going to be an N'SYNC reunion, but my co-worker Ben thinks otherwise.

I guess we won't REALLY know until Sunday, but here are our respective arguments. Who do you think will be proven right?

N'SYNC Will Definitely Be A Part of the Halftime Show (By Sam)

I am certain that N'SYNC will make a special appearance. I know it's just twelve to thirteen minutes of Justin Timberlake, but N'SYNC is where he got his start in the music business (unless you count the Mickey Mouse Club) and they mean so much to an entire generation. Why wouldn't he want to involve his former bandmates?

There have been so make great surprise guest appearance on the half time show like Shania Twain, No Doubt, and Sting in 2003. Usher and Slash made cameos during the Black Eyed Peas performance in 2011. Madonna was joined by LMFAO, Cirque Du Soleil, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., Cee Lo Green, and a bunch of drum lines in 2012. And in 2013, Beyonce brought out her Destiny's Child bandmates to rock the biggest stage in the world. Nobody thought they'd get back together either! There have been so many great performances over the years and Justin is not going to let us down. And yeah, it was "announced" that there will not be a reunion, but that's so that we're all surprised. Yeah, I feel it's going to happen. Just you watch.

N'SYNC Will Definitely Not Be A Part of the Halftime Show (By Ben)

Sorry, Sam. But it ain’t happening. As much as I’d love to see J.C., Chris, Joey, and Lance back on stage with their once ramen-haired leader, it’s just not in the cards. Joey said so himself. Justin’s done this Super Bowl gig twice before and both were memorable for all the wrong reasons (one because they were upstaged by Aerosmith and one because Janet Jackson has nipples).

He ain’t messing around this time.

His album drops Friday, and he’s gonna come out swinging with a track or two off that. Some are thinking that he’ll do a Prince tribute since we’re in Minnesota. Maybe. A Chris Stapleton appearance would be cool, but the Super Bowl hasn’t been huge on country music in a while. Perhaps Jay-Z joins him for “Suit & Tie”? I could totally see that happening. Hell, some of the rumor mills are saying Janet Jackson will even make her first post-Nipplegate appearance. Doubtful, but still way more likely than a full on N’SYNC reunion. Need I remind you the trainwreck that was their last public appearance? The N’SYNC we once knew and loved is no more. There will definitely be a special guest or two, but you can say Bye Bye Bye to the notion that more than one fifth of N’SYNC will be on that stage. This I Promise You.

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