Friends, drinks, football, and food. That's really all you need when it comes to a successful Super Bowl party. But when I saw this map of each state's favorite Super Bowl foods, I was a little unimpressed with my home state's choice. Seriously, Illinois?

General Mills took a survey to find out what each state is researching for their perfect Super Bowl snacks. Chili, wings, sliders, dips, and sausage cheese balls top the list of most popular searches (as well they should).

Sliders and burgers make the list and some states are even looking up recipes for clam dip (gross). But when it comes to Illinois, apparently we have a thing for...Chex Mix. Not even the Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddy or whatever you call it. Just plain old Chex Mix. Yup, out of all the stuff to make for a party, Chex Mix tops the list. Missourians are more traditional in their searching for hamburgers and Iowans apparently go crazy for pigs in  blankets.

Soup, hummus, and deviled eggs (GROSS AGAIN) seemed to be popular in some states. Whatever you decide to make or bring to the party, just try to keep it simple. Soup seems a little tricky. Take my advice and stick to stuff you can eat with one hand. Finger foods, people. Finger foods!

And apparently Chex Mix, if you're into that sort of thing.

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