Customize your Flip Flops however you'd like with the "Flip Flop Fun Craft"

Summer time means staying cool, while also trying to be as stylish as humanly possible. And the best way to keep those feet from overheating in shoes during the summer is to have a pair of flip flops. You can buy cheap flip flops from places like Walmart, Big Lots, or even Five Below for basically nothing, but they aren't always the coolest looking flip flops in the world. Well the Quincy Public Library is here to help you out with that, by hosting the "Flip Flop Fun Craft"

The Flip Flop Fun Craft day at the Quincy Public Library is happening on Saturday, July 18th from 10 am until 2 pm. On the Facebook event page for the Flip Flop Fun Craft they say...

"Everyone is invited to join us at the library to take a pair of plain flip flops and jazz them up with fun fabrics! Fabric will be provided; participants will need to bring a pair of thong style flip flops to the craft. This craft is for all ages!"

To read their full statement, and for more information on the Flip Flop Fun Craft click here!

Now normally I would only write about events that I'm personally interested in attending, and I'll be one hundred percent honest, I hate wearing flip flops and never have owned a pair, I have zero desire to own or wear flip flops. BUT this event does seem like the perfect indoor crafting to keep the kids busy on a really hot summer day.

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