There is an empty lot at the corner of 4th & Maine in downtown Quincy, but I have a proposal to fill this empty lot with something special!

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Let me start this by saying this is 100% my idea, I have not heard anyone else talk about this, and I don't care if someone steals this brilliant idea BUT...just give me credit...please.

Ever since I moved to Quincy, a little over two years ago, I have constantly thought about what kind of things I liked to do in Chicago that aren't here in the Gem city. One of the great things about Chicago and Quincy is they are both big into the Food Truck Scene, but in Chicago there are spots throughout the city with tables and chairs for food trucks to park for lunch or dinner everyday, almost like a Mall food court but outside and with food trucks!

So I think this corner lot at 4th and Maine in Quincy would be the PERFECT place for something like that! The city could pave out 4 or 5 spots for Food Trucks to rent out for a day, week, month, whatever they wanted, and the city could install enough picnic table sitting for a hundred or so people. So on any given day there would be 4 or 5 of the great Food Trucks from the Tri-States (like 8te, or Sandra's, and so many others) parked there for people to walk into the court, pick out food from one or multiple trucks, and then sit and enjoy, or take it to go! And don't get me started on how great it would be during Blues in The District or Qfest!

So do you think this is a cool idea?

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