I go to the movie theatre a lot, that's apparent. I've already seen three films in theatres since New Year's Day. I plan on seeing at least one, if not two this weekend. So I'm there a lot. The last two places I've lived, there were theatres that sold beer. One of which was even a B&B Theatre. So imagine my disappointment when I moved to Quincy/Hannibal, and neither of the theatres sold beer! It has admittedly been a while since I've been to the Hannibal B&B, so if that's changed, I'm unaware.


But that could all change for the Quincy AMC theatres! Now, no official word or announcement or anything has come down on this yet, BUT the AMC theatres in Springfield was just approved by the City Council to serve alcohol. Should this go well for them, it could perhaps maybe reach our shores. Fingers crossed. Then I can stop sneaking booze in and save that valuable pocket space for sneaking in burritos. I MEAN! Don't sneak food into theatres, kids. It's wrong.

Now, alcohol at the theatre could go one of two ways. It could go fancy schmancy with a full bar and a bunch of mixed drinks and special cocktails you can take to your seat, that's how it was at the Regal in Wichita I saw a few movies at over New Year's weekend. I don't see our AMCs doing that.

The second and more likely route, is a refrigerator filled with aluminum bottles of beer. That's how it was at the B&B Theatre in Fulton, MO when I'd go there. That's how it was at the Carmike in Manhattan, KS when I lived there. They gave you a wrist band, marked your beers bought, and cut you off after two drinks. And really who needs more than that at a movie? You're only there for maybe two and a half hours. They also had little bottles of wine, if that's more your speed.

Again,there's nothing concrete. Not even any rumors that it might come our way. I'm looking at our city codes (follow this link, then click the "VIEW CODE" button, Title XI; Chapter 111), and I don't think there's anything preventing them from selling beer. Then again, I'm not a lawyer, I don't understand about half the stuff the City Codes say. My entire legal training is Law & Order reruns.

But if alcohol sales do come to the Showplace? That'll pretty much make me AMC's very own Norm Peterson.


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