Missouri does not lack in caves with interesting histories and there are few more colorful than one that claims the rocks talk to you. It's true - sort of.

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Kudos to MSN for an interesting story about Talking Rocks Cavern in the Branson West area in Missouri. While my family has visited many Missouri caves over the years, this is one that has not been on our radar before now.

The official Talking Rocks Cavern website is a good place to start if you decide to explore this underground part of Missouri. Rent Branson adds some history to how this cave was originally named "Fairy Cavern".

OK, but what about the talking rocks part?

The legend says that the story of how this cave began was told by the rocks or that's how discoverer Truman Powell described it. The soft natural limestone rocks are conducive to sounds echoing which causes just about any voice spoken to come from the rocks - sort of.

Visit Missouri says the cave is a constant 63 degrees. If you consider that a comfortable temperature, then you're in luck because it never changes. A travel vlogger shared new video from just a few months ago as she did a walkthrough tour of Talking Rocks Cavern.

There's a lot more to Talking Rock Caverns than just the cave. They have miniature golf (above ground) and also the chance to do your own gemstone mining. If you're planning a trip to Silver Dollar City anyway, making the caverns a part of our plans is a no-brainer.

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