I am immediately suspicious. A new video share claims that Russian missiles were spotted traveling across Missouri. There appears to be a very good reason even if this is true. Let's explore what's going on here.

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Before I share this video short off of YouTube, here's the quick version. A viewer shared a pic that appears to have been taken last summer showing what looks like a legit Russian S-300 missile system. This is what that looks like for reference.

Armies Power via YouTube
Armies Power via YouTube

Here's the new video share about the sighting in Parkville, Missouri.

I agree with that guy's analysis. If the pic is real, those missiles were traveling to a vacation of target practice to be on the wrong end of F-16's or F-22's air-to-ground missiles. I would also guess that some conspiracy theory folks will likely run with this Russian missile sighting and claim the end is near. Here's my 2 cents - While I always appreciate a good and entertaining conspiracy theory, if something like this were really being done in Missouri, it would not be done in broad daylight where everyone with a camera phone can take a selfie with it.

To quote Sergeant Hulka in the movie "Stripes"..."Lighten up Francis".

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