Ladies and gentlemen, Cellar 21 is no more.

WAIT! No, it’s fine! They’re just changing their name! Everybody relax. Take a deep breath. You still with me? Okay good.

The establishment will now be known as..."Revelry".

The former Cellar 21 posted the following on Facebook on November 14…

As you can see, the new “Revelry” brand, along with a handy definition (Lively and noisy festivities, especially when these involve drinking a large amount of alcohol) now graces the historic foyer at 121 North 4th Street on The Square.

In a press release, Revelry stresses that they will "still offer the same fun and laid back atmosphere, making it a great place to catch up with friends after work or to celebrate an event. In addition to their great drinks, Revelry will continue the live entertainment on the weekends as well."

Adjacent to The Park Bench, the bar formerly known as Cellar 21 has more than 60 different wines and 25 different craft beers, making it a very popular nightlife hotspot for Quincy. They host live music every Friday and Saturday including residencies by local favorites Logan Kammerer, Liz Bentley, Zeke Cernea, and Ben Bumbry and the Messengers.

Both Revelry and The Park Bench are owned and operated by Rusty and Paula Williams who acquired the businesses in September. They picked the name "Revelry" based on a song by Kings of Leon.

Ben Braun


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