On Friday April 12th, local author Tracy Broemmer, who has published more than 30 books, is releasing two new books, Damsel and Always, Jess. Damsel is a dark women’s fiction novel. Always, Jess is the final installment of the contemporary romance series, the Mississippi Queen Trilogy, which was inspired by Quincy, particularly the downtown bar Revelry. To celebrate the release of Damsel and Always, Jess, Broemmer will be signing books at Revelry Friday night from 6 to 9 p.m. The signing is open to the public.
Broemmer wrote the majority of Books 1 and 2 of the Mississippi Queen Trilogy—Love, Nashville and Forever, Duncan—at Revelry, where owner Rusty Williams let her hang out for hours at a time to hit her daily word count and shared with her knowledge and experiences related to running both a restaurant and bar. Although the characters are completely fictional, the bar at the center of the trilogy—the Mississippi Queen—is entirely based on Revelry.

Each book of the trilogy follows one of three young women.  They are Leah, her sister, Stevi, her cousin and Margo, who runs the Queen. Always, Jess, the third installment, follows Margo, a single mom, who is the Queen’s restaurant manager. Her ex, Jess, is back in town, and she has to decide if she can let go of their past to build a future with him and their daughter.

Stop by Revelry tonight (August 12) to see where it all started. Grab a book, have a drink, and imagine yourself having a great time at the Queen.

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