Some of the catchiest songs you know come from artists you'll never hear from again.  Today, September 25, is National One-Hit Wonder Day.  Here's a prime example of a classic one-hit wonder--we all know how to call Jenny at 867-5309.  But do you know any other song by Tommy Tutone?  Video may have killed the radio star, but did you ever hear another song over the airwaves from The Buggles?

There's always something there to remind Naked Eyes of their one famous song, and that's the royalties they still get as we continue to spin their record on the radio.  The Knack didn't have the knack of making hit songs.  The only one that group scored was "My Sharona."  Brandy may be a fine girl, but she certainly didn't launch a lasting career for Looking Glass.  How about Mickey?  He was so fine he blew Toni Basil's mind, but when he moved off the charts, he left poor Toni high and dry.

Rolling Stone readers ranked one-hit wonders.  Here's their top five:

  1. A-ha  "Take On Me"
  2. Dexy's Midnight Runners  "Come On Eileen"
  3. Norman Greenbaum  "Spirit in the Sky"
  4. Big Country  "In a  Big Country"
  5. Soft Cell  "Tainted Love"

So the question is, what's your top one-hit wonder songs?  Join the conversation on our Facebook page!

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